Freezer Beef

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Best value per lb! Choose between Whole, Quarter or Half Beef.
We deliver the beef to the processor of your choosing, you pay us based on the hot hanging weight and you take care of the processing. (Deliveries exceeding 60 miles from Zanesville, Ohio may incur an additional fee)

Choose between Private Reserve Wagyu or Premium Wagyu

*Stone Ridge Private Reserve Wagyu

This is our 100% Full-Blood Wagyu selection, the smooth texture and sweet buttery flavor combined with its intense marbling makes for a truly unforgettable dining experience. USDA Prime labeling requires 10-12% intramuscular marbling, Stone Ridge Private Reserve Wagyu consistently exceeds 25% intramuscular marbling. 


PRIVATE RESERVE Wagyu (100% Full Blood Wagyu)

Freezer BeefHot Hanging Weigh Price per lb
Quarter Beef$5.60
Half Beef$5.51
Whole Beef$5.43

*Stone Ridge Premium Wagyu

This is our Wagyu/Angus Cross selection. With this cross you get the best of both breeds, the hearty texture and flavor of Angus and the intramuscular marbling of Wagyu. Only 2% of domestic beef meets “USDA Prime” intramuscular marbling requirements. 96% of our Stone Ridge Premium Wagyu exceeds intramuscular marbling requirements for “USDA Prime.”


PREMIUM WAGYU (Wagyu/Angus Cross)

Freezer BeefHot Hanging Weigh Price per lb
Quarter Beef$3.20 per lb
Half Beef$3.15 per lb
Whole Beef$3.10 per lb

How much meat will you get?

The Live weight of our cattle at harvest range from 1,200 lbs. to 1,500 lbs. After processing this translates to roughly 400 lbs. to 500 lbs. of beef for your freezer or restaurant. 
                   The following illustration is a guide to help you calculate how much beef you can expect based on “Live” and “Hot Hanging” weight. 
This Illustration assumes a high-quality dressing (Boneless steaks, Fat trimmed etc.). All weights are approximate.

Live WtHot Hanging WtFreezer Beef
1,200 lbs
1,300 lbs
1,400 lbs
1,500 lbs
744 lbs
806 lbs
868 lbs
930 lbs
409 lbs
443 lbs
477 lbs
512 lbs